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Bench Monuments

Bench Monuments are now a common memorial across the country.  "Sit and stay a while" is the thought that people have.  "I want to go to his grave site and be able to sit down and talk and visit if I want to." -Ms. Jenkins (Nationwide Monument customer)  When cemeteries allow a bench memorial to be placed on the plots then the families love that they have both a memorial that is upright, a unique shape that is different than the old traditional tombstone, and they have a place to sit. 

There are so many options with bench memorials.  There are classic park benches, benches with a solid pedestal under the seat-called a Pedestal Bench, there are several different style of benches with seats that just have legs under them where the legs are either square, oblong, triangle, or harp shaped.  There are special shapes of benches where the monument upright has a bench protruding off to the side, or the classic custom benches like the Nationwide Monument Tree Leg Bench where the legs are hand carved to look like the tree trunks of an old Oak Tree.  There are statue benches where there are hand carved Golf Clubs, an Angel, a Mermaid, a Fireman, an Eagle, a Cross, and more.

With the growing CREMATION burials we have created most of these benches to hold the CREMAINS of a loved one or two...or five.  The possibilities are almost endless.

Customize your bench online today or call 1-800-285-2979 and speak with someone that will happily help you create a custom monument.  Send them pictures, describe what you want, and we will do the rest.

Remember, we can also help you with the installation of your bench at the cemetery.  We can take care of it all for you.  We'll be happy to help.