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The Wilson Columbaria is a 4 Niche Columbaria with alcove.  It is perfect for a double plot space but still has the availability to hold 4 cremains with 4 unique personalized plaques AND a center alcove to hold either a 5" diameter flower vase or a small statue.  Statues are sold separately and can be found in the accessory section.  Each niche plate is 12"x12".  By using the Jet Black Granite Niche Plates we are able to easily laser engrave your design including a picture.  The price does include the etching needed at your time of purchase. 

When the time is needed for future etching the plates are easily removed and can be etched at any monument shop or easily sent to us to be done.

This monument is 38" Tall, 50" wide and weighs 1760 lbs. These will take 90-120 days to produce.

Call us with any questions 1-800-285-2979.  We can help you line up the installation and setting if needed as well.  We are here to help.