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Bronze Memorials

Bronze - 24"x 12" Single Marker - PRESTIGE EDITION

The 24"x12" Single Bronze Marker is the standard bronze plaque used at private and public cemeteries across the nation.  The material used is Certified Cemetery Brass Ignot Alloy with no less than 86% Copper, 3% Zinc, 1% Lead, and 5.5% Tin.  These are also the standard sized Veterans Bronze Plaques. 

Personalize the bronze plaque by choosing from a wide variety of borders and even adding a custom emblem that represents your loved one.

Flower Vases are a nice accessory to add to the Bronze Plaque.  These vases are known as Turn Over Vases because they are able to be turned upside down and tucked away until the need to hold flowers arises, then the vase is simply turned upside down and the vase stands up firm and locked it.

Another common accessory to the Bronze Plaque is the Granite Backer.  Some cemeteries actually require the Granite Backer which is generally 4" bigger in size making a nice 2" border around the bronze on all sides.  This protects the outer edges of the bronze from edging and trimming during lawn maintenance.