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These are laser etched single flat headstones that range in size from the small children size 16x8x3 up to the large 28x16x4 flat headstones.  These are done on Jet Black granite in order to get the highest quality out of the laser etching.

These granite headstones have a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  Only the top monument grade granite is used for the production of our monuments.  Our Jet Black Granite comes from our granite quarries in India.  

We can also set up the SETTING AND INSTALLATION of your headstone.  Please call us at 1(800)285-2979.

The purchase of your headstone includes the artwork etching.  Laser Etching is done differently that the old traditional engraving that we also regularly do.  The difference is the depth and the detail.  Laser Etching allows for very high detail and accuracy to real life photos while only etching onto the surface of the black granite whereas Traditional Engraving is deep engraving requiring thicker lines in order for the lines to show on the stone, but can be on any color whereas Laser Etching is only done on Black Granite.  A lot of experimenting is going on right now in the industry to put laser on other colors of granite but until it is time tested we are only Laser Etching on Black at this time.   Please feel free to personalize it with our online design tool.  If there is a design that you are looking for like a certain emblem that we don’t have, then you can also call us for that and our professional artists will work at creating that for you.  We have 1000’s of designs in our design library so there is a great chance that we have what you are looking for.  

We are a professional monument dealer that specializes in memorials and the service provided to the families buying them.  We care about you and how you are treated.